Saturday, February 09, 2008

BBC1 news taken over by loonies

At least that's impression after two days of coverage of Rowan Williams on Sharia law. For some sanity try Bishop Alan who writes:
At the time of Roman Catholic emancipation back in 1829 we experienced big social hysteria about how people who theoretically owe allegiance to other systems of law could be completely part of English society.

or this comment off Dave Walker's cartoon blog
Rowan Williams, being a very intelligent man, knows that sharia law is far more complex than this. The vast bulk of Islamic laws that are invoked within Muslim communities (yes, present tense because it is a current reality here in Britain), concern family relationships (divorce and separation), and inheritance matters. The trouble is, the media and our beloved political establishment are either not intelligent enough to know this or, and God forbid this be the case, prefer to play to the simplistic public perception (sharia = stonings etc) for short term electoral expediency.

and as for the comments at the Times, they seem less intelligent than the yokels when deciding to send a torch party up to castle Dracula.
And as for the BBC's assertion that General Synod is the chief body of the Anglican communion - I'll try not to mention it (oops!)

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