Saturday, February 17, 2007

More culture..

Last Saturday I did get to the Wilmslow Orchestra's performance of the Shostakovitch 10th Symphony - why do these sites remove the last concert details - keeping the site up to date is commendable but it is as if the concert never was!! The there was the Edward Gregson Metamorphoses which started the concert which I rather enjoyed - heavily under the influence of Lutoslawski I thought - though I plead guilty to that too! The Mendelssohn violin concerto was ok I though the soloist took a little time to settle down and the Shostakovitch was good - the bassoon began to show signs of exhaustion before the end - but for an amateur orchestra it was I thought pretty good!
On Tuesday a trip to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the library theatre in Manchester - after initial excitement of having wine spilt over us at the Italian restaurant opposite the theatre - turned into a most enjoyable evening. I've always wanted to see this, I have a copy of the play but have never seen it before and somehow missed out on the film - so I knew where the jokes were. I thought Michael Jenn - as the player - came close to stealing the show - a review is here. I seem to remember a theatre group in Cambridge in the 70's alternating performances of this with Hamlet using the same cast.
Then on Wednesday evening it was Central do Brasil at the Silkscreen which I thought was brilliant with the interaction between the young lad and the letter writer - Guardian review here.
A busy week - both workwise and in the evenings!

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