Saturday, April 23, 2011

A shadow on the screen

I thought at first this was the graphics card going - if you look in the top left hand corner of the screen shot you'll see a rectangular shadow on the screen, but it doesn't appear all the time and its appearance tends to coincide with my starting a particular application (amarok - which I use to play music). It - the shadow - doesn't vanish when I close amarok and doesn't appear every time. Though, if it were hardware, I doubt if I could get a screenshot of the problem! I wonder if it is trying to talk to kwin (the kde window manager) which I'm not running? This screenshot with a huge clear space for admiring the background is me running ubuntu using fluxbox as a window manager. This problem has only occurred in the past week or so and I've not much longer been using the closed source nvidia driver, maybe that's the issue?

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