Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Piano Diploma Programme thoughts

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about entering the ABSRM Piano Diploma exam which has as its main component, a 35 minute recital (with programme notes!). There's a long list of repertoire to choose from but you can choose up to seven minutes of your own selection. At the moment the recital looks like this:
  • Scarlatti Sonatas in C K308 and K309
  • Ravel Sonatine
  • Messiaen Vingt Regards No 2
  • Mompou Musica Callada XIII
  • Chopin Mazurka C# minor Op 50 No 3
  • Brahms Op 116 No 2 A minor
  • Beethoven Bagatelle b minor Op 126
I like this there's a split between Spanish/Gallic and the more Germanic styles, from major to minor, there's a central hunk of Catholic mysticism and the Beethoven acts a bit like an encore. The Scarlatti Sonatas are very simple, at least in mood and would play me in nicely so the flashy Ravel acts as a good counterbalance. The Mompou and Beethoven are my own choices. It's a mite under 35 minutes. I've put this programme on Spotify and if you have that installed you can listen here - not played by me!
The only snag at the moment (so far!!) is whether the Ravel Sonatine (especially the last movement) is too ambitious, I'll give it a try but I'm wondering about a fall back position which replaces the Ravel with the Debussy Sarabande from the suite Pour le Piano, which I was already working on and (to keep some sort of classical/modern sonata and to prevent it becoming too bitty) inserts either the Beethoven Op 90 or 54 before the final item - needs further thought by me especially as it would then be pushing towards the time limit but reactions, here, are very welcome!

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