Sunday, May 02, 2010


I suppose expecting logic on election leaflets which drop though the door might be expecting a bit much, but I boggled rather at this extract from one which dropped through our front door today.

This is from the local independent candidate hoping to overturn a large conservative majority (though the sitting MP has retired). The leaflet appears to be saying that, if this seat is lost to the Tories (in which case it must be a marginal!), it would make no difference to David Cameron's changes of becoming Prime Minister - hmmmm. I think DC would have one seat less in that case.
Here you are, a posting on this blog, propping up the Conservatives!


Suem said...

Well, I shall poodle down and make absolutely no difference to the nation on Thursday!

rajm said...

You're going to vote for a dog? Ruuuuu-tley! Baaaa-rlow!