Friday, May 14, 2010

Life and services in the Knutsford deanery

From today's Church Times:
The Rev Ian Blay, Rector of St Wilfred's Mobberley halted a couple's wedding service when his wife Suzanne ran into the church carry their dog, Izzy, who was unconscious after choking on a piece of cheese. After dislodging the obstruction, Mr Blay gave Izzy mouth to mouth resuscitation, and the bride-to-be father's gave the dog chest compressions. The dog revivied and ran out. The couple were married the following week.
under the title 'You may now kiss the dog'... I bet this is one thing they don't train you in at theological college! I bet Reform are writing letters in protest at inappropriate wedding services.
I see it's all over some bits of the national press but I'd missed it.
[Fixed subject after checking with the household deanery synod rep!!]


Suem said...

That's a great story. I'd missed it too!

rajm said...

I think OCICBW has missed it too! (but maybe I've not been paying attention) Hope this am went ok - if you were there (and even if you weren't!)