Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking down on A-B's

Looking down on A-B's
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I wasn't expecting to wake up to snow this morning but I enjoyed the walk though the still falling snow to church, with a diversion to the 'parapet' overlooking Arighi Bianchi's to take a photo. Also there's a good (IMHO) picture of St Michael's - on doing a 180degree turn from taking this picture. Got to church to discover the pianist wasn't there due to the snow so I was pressed into service and sight read them all - I hope the congregation will make a full recovery!
I'm in danger of posting less than one article a day this month - if you see some contentless blogging later today, try to forgive me!


Rayne said...

This picture is wonderful. It really captures a true wintry feel.

rajm said...

Pretty mild compared to the US I guess!