Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Imlib problems with mandriva 2010?

I'm trying to debug a windowmaker style dockapp under mandriva 2010 - it's called E Notes for putting post-it (am I allowed to use that phrase?) style reminders around the screen. It needed some fixes to get it to build and then I decided I needed to get my head around imlib (which that dockapp uses) to know what I should be looking for to solve a particular problem - the dock app was giving me windows with a black foreground and a black background so it's hard to tell what's going on :-)

So to get a better knowledge of imlib I googled and tried downloading the program I found here:
Imlib programmers guide
The first one - written for Xlib - is meant to produce a window displaying a specified image until the window is closed - I compiled (no warnings even with -Wall) ran it and I get _nothing_ no output at the command line, no window opens, sits there doing nothing until I Control-C it.

Puzzled, I then tried moving it onto a ubuntu system and once I'd built it there (that's another story, imlib1 is carefully hidden in the karmic release) it runs fine absolutely no problem, image displayed ok

So my feeling is that - at least on this system - imlib1 is broken under mandriva 2010, I have installed (at least including all imlib ish rpms)

I'm using the imlib-1 here, anyone else seen this or has the installed
libs able to try that small app? Maybe I should try building imlib from scratch?

Once it's running I can make the buildable version available on the web and then I can start adding various extra features I have in mind..!


Carsten Pfeiffer said...

I'm having similar problems with KuickShow on Mandriva, which works perfectly fine on Debian and Ubuntu. You might try applying the patch from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/4966410/imlib-max-24bpp.diff to Imlib and try again. I do not have access to a Mandriva box, so I cannot test it myself

rajm said...

Thanks, I'll give that a go and report back as a comment here.

rajm said...

For those reading here, yes that patch does fix the issue, as does
(as a fix which doesn't require a build of imlib from source).
There's a bug logged on mandriva bugzilla and the problem is now fixed in Cooker.