Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Type links with care!

Following a colleague's mis-type I've found - two letters swapped from blogspot! Whois gives the contact as
Investment Ventures, Inc., Global
Ave Ramon Arias
Panama City, - -
somewhat different from google, but http:// rmstar. blogsopt .com - lot's of space so you can't click on it! - looks very similar to this weblog, apart from various bits of javascript. I've checked a couple of other weblogs and they seem to be mirrored there too - they're not quite up to date so it not linking back to blogspot. What's really scary is that the top frame - if you're logged in to blogspot with your user id etc looks identical. I wouldn't go to any blogsopt site unless you turn off javascript and preferably not using Windows!
Unless I'm being paranoid..

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