Saturday, May 02, 2009

That 'one' piece of software I need

Wise words from tante:
But let us look at the people claiming that they need Photoshop on Linux and they'd switch. From my experience those people often don't really use the power of Photoshop, it's just the tool they use for rather simple tasks. Why? Cause it's free. When "a friend" sets a new computer up for someone they'll more often than not slap all kinds of pirated software on there, just cause Windows doesn't really come with a lot of software: You will get a pirated MS Office, pirated Photoshop and all kinds of other "expensive" software. Why? Because when something is expensive, it's also "good". It's a very common perception that a software that you have to pay 300 Euro for is better than one that's free. Not cause you know why or cause you need some feature, it's just cause those programs feel like they are worth something.
Having spent some time talking to someone who 'really needed' multiple copies of Microsoft project this week and free alternatives just weren't the same because they were free. Go and read the whole article!

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