Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blog summary for 2008

Via Some disagree with Mom For this meme, you take the first sentence of the first post of each month and line 'em up. 460+ postings last year here!
Since I acquired a new router I've been unable to administer - or post to my wordpress book blog, the blog lives on my home machine and is set up to use the full address when administering and, I assume, the router doesn't like http traffic leaving and then returning to it.(well actually it is the Trondheim Akkordion Ensemble) Polka'in though the Widor toccata..On this page - a really secure password - see the fun on this at The Daily WTF's So You hacked our site. I was grandstanding with these dirty old men (sorry that's illustrious benefactors) twice this week, you'll just have to google or wait for the full album to appear to find out what they are ogling! On the way back from La Cantina - a tapas bar in Macclesfield, meant to take a photo of the sunset coming off the train but was too rushed - so this will have to do! Thanks to the onionring for this wonderful garble! The Craven Herald's report on the Scargill closure. Off save scargill comes this video taken on the penultimate day. Over the holiday - over a month ago now - I read three books which appear to be fascinated by holes in the ground. ..dear boy. Going to a Birthday party this evening (not mine!) with the lifeboat band. Cheating (already!) slightly, as I took this picture yesterday morning.

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