Sunday, November 23, 2008

The wonders of Random Mix

I listen to music with Amarok - often using its random mix facility. This morning before going to church I got this sequence of three.
an interesting set... The Bernstein is a paen to the White House though it fitted in well with the importance of the day and the after church meeting. And then there was the Stockhausen and Piaf thumbing her nose at it all!
Firefox was running very slowly today - 10 mins to change tab, couldn't see anything at fault, killed it and restarted several times (reloading the same tabs) and always the same. Wasn't even able to bookmark the existing tabs before I gave up and started with a single home page. My guess is that it somewhere preloads the session history with recent forward and backward pages and one of those was giving the browser grief!
Oh and does anyone know a good way of getting an amarok playlist into blogger?

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