Monday, November 03, 2008


Following, a bit back, reflections on an upgrade to Ubuntu's Hardy Heron, here are a few things I found when upgrading the work laptop to Intrepid Ibex:
  • I only had around 1 gig free on the / partition, started the upgrade and it stopped, complaining it needed around 1.3 gig. Not a great problem I thought and cleared the required disk space
  • It then decided that it really needed 2.1gig(!), this required some more thought and I decided to move /var to a new partition (fortunately I had one I'd used for /var on an old Debian install). Having noted that I needed to keep some of /var on / (/var/run and /var/lock), I copied over the /var area - set the new mount point and rebooted - forgetting to free the disk space so a certain amount of back tracking was in order!
  • The upgrade process was then happy, though having given /var 2gig I was a little concerned when after the downloads there was around 30meg free - during the actual upgrade that shrank until it claimed there was no space left there - fortunately the upgrade proceeded!
  • Got to the reboot and I waited the upgrade window closed, and I waited.. eventually - cautiously, I kicked off the reboot manually - my guess is that if I'd been running gnome rather than fluxbox, I'd have seen something?
  • On the reboot X complained that the ATI graphics drivers weren't working - rather to be expected -installed the ubuntu ones and I now have xinerama working again.
  • Initially amarok failed to run complaining about the absence of the xine drivers but after running banshee (the gnome music player) I think it may now be working well.
  • ..Looks good so far!

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