Sunday, August 24, 2008

Software engineers

Hat tip to Geoff Coupe comes the cranky project manager's evisceration of the breed. I think they must have been watching me:
The Veteran
He's been here for five years, and he'll be here for five more.
Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Cranky.
  • For some reason, he's permitted to use profanity in meetings and otherwise behave in ways that would make his mother cringe and your company's attorneys start job hunting.
  • Casual Friday dress is too formal. Facial hair is common.
  • You're never in on his private jokes.
  • He's eaten 5 Product Managers before you, and he will chew through 5 more after you're gone.His manager is afraid of him. He's eaten through 5 managers before this one, and he'll chew through ... etc.
  • Yes, he is always a "he".

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