Saturday, August 02, 2008

The poor dears

Consecration of gay bishop Gene Robinson led to ridicule for Anglicans, say traditionalists at Lambeth conference | World news | The Guardian
The consecration of a gay Anglican bishop has led to sexual license, a new form of colonisation and ridicule for the church, it was claimed yesterday by (some! ed.) bishops attending the Lambeth conference in Canterbury.

"In some places the church is ridiculed as the gay church so membership is lost. It is experienced as a new form of colonisation," the draft said. "It is seen as leading to sexual license. Bishops cannot be a symbol for unity when their consecration divides the church. In some regions the issue has become a basis for hostile actions."

What was it Jesus was ridiculed as? Ah yes:
friend of sinners and publicans


Anonymous said...

Jesus intention of befriending sinners was for the sole purpose of converting them from their sinful ways.

Not for allowing them to continue in a sinful state, but to change their lives from being sinful to obedience to NT teaching as becometh being saints.

Homosexual bishops are fornicators who have refused to obey both Christ's and Apostolic teaching on the rules of Christian decency and morality.

rajm said...

Dear anonymous (or JH),
'The sole purpose'?? he may also have valued them as people - which the pharisees didn't. Maybe those other bishops ought to also befriend for both those purposes!
And the New Testament does predict that Christians will be mocked for following the Christian way, they should rejoice instead of whinging