Saturday, November 12, 2016

Convento dos Capuchos

The next day we took the easy route along the road and walked to the convento dos capuchos. A 16thC monastery for Franciscans and then Capuchins, this is the door of the dead - above an entrance that the new novices had to take to begin their lives under vows.
The door of death
Very small cells for the monks, cork lined for warmth, just about walkable into - you had to crouch though. The door of the novice's cell looked onto the exit - a reminder that they could yet leave! Very austere simple location.
We walked back to Colina Flora - we ate that evening at A Toca de Julio - more conventional restaurant than yesterday's Sisudo, and a lift back with one of the waiters - exciting speeds along narrow roads. We much enjoyed Colina Flora - Aasta and James are American who love Portugal very simple but comfortable and wonderful breakfasts. The photo in the album of us was taken by James - as part of their guest book.

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