Monday, February 15, 2016

Denise Duval

Somehow I'd missed the notices of Denise Duval's death - Francis Poulenc's muse during the last 10+ years of his life. Here they are - Poulenc introducing an extract from Les Mamelles de Teresias

no subtitles I'm afraid but very much worth it for those two performing together! I don't think (despite the youtube comments) that Poulenc does too badly with some singing(!) especially as he's coping with some exciting piano writing. If you want for the end you'll get as the next video the two performing extracts from the "Dialogues des Carmélites" and "Voix Humaine." Two great artists! Here's the Guardian obituary:
“For me, Duval was the Garbo of opera with a wild touch of vaudeville,” Rorem wrote. “She had clarity, intelligence, diction, beauty – with those eyes the size of eagle eggs.” For his part, Poulenc said of his muse: “This girl is pure sunlight.”

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