Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Pennine pub crawl

A bit back now I joined a group doing a rail trip back from Hudderfield via various pubs - this was the report from one of the travellers:
We weren’t de-railed but “beer-railed” on Friday 21 November when eight blokes from All Saints visited five hostelries in Yorkshire. After re-grouping on Piccadilly Station, Manchester, we travelled to Huddersfield where the magnificent station provided a large range of alcoholic drinks and excellent food (not at all fast). Off to Slaithwaite (pronounced “Slouwit”) for a short walk to a friendly local for more beer. Back to the station and next train to Marsden, down-hill to village and pub with brewery attached. More beer (some had very large sausage rolls to assuage their hunger). Back to the station and next train(s) to Greenfield and later Stalybridge for repeat performances. As the rain fell heavily and more and more of us squashed together in the platform shelters with the other groups (about 50 men), on the same pilgrimage, the noise and banter level increased proportionately to the amount of alcohol consumed. Phil met some former colleagues but this paled to insignificance when one of our party admitted (under pressure) to being the father of Jamie Donaldson. This most enjoyable trip ended for most at roughly 9pm and our thanks are due to Phil Marsh for his communication and leadership skills. “We’ll all drink to that!”

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