Tuesday, March 18, 2014


From a post on Ecclesia commenting on 'The(?) Evangelical Group of the General Synod calling for licensed lay people as well as clergy who contract marriages to people of the same sex to be disciplined:
Its letter describes its own perspective as “biblically orthodox” and refers to “the clarity of Scripture and the vision it offers for human flourishing”. Yet interestingly it seems less interested in punishing those who are unjust to the poor, migrants and others who are vulnerable, a matter on which the Bible is a great deal more clear and consistent than on homosexuality and gender identity. Nor does it acknowledge the hazards of being judgmental. Overall there is a notable lack of awareness of the risks of projecting human bias on to God.
Well quite, blinkers to avoid frightening the horses. I'm reminded of a certain Reform fanboy church not to far from here who seem to only focus on a few bits of Christian ethics. I wonder if one of their parishioners still reads here ;-)

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