Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Hunt

It's a little time since I saw Vinterberg's The Hunt at Silkscreen and Christmas eve would seem to be a good point to comment (in as far as I can still remember) - one of the film's big scenes (more than one) takes place on Christmas eve. I saw it twice - I was projecting the later showing so I went to the early so that I could give it my full attention. A powerful of suspicion and the hunting of an unjustly accused man - I doubt think the film ever leaves you in any doubt as to the innocence of the principal character. But it's also a film about forgiveness but how even with that, the marks are still there. Wonderful acting by Mads Mikkelsen and his young accuser Annika Wedderkopp - some of the audience were talking as they headed out as to how depressing it was, maybe the scenes of suspicion , but the end was, for me, far different.

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