Sunday, April 21, 2013

Le Havre

Yesterday we went to Altrincham for an Open University day of French Cinema. After an introduction we saw Kaurismäki's Le Havre - here is the trailer A film about and set in the French port of Le Havre, it pays homage to French cinema of the 30-50's as well as merging together the eras! A film about a shoe-shiner and his encounters with an illegal immigrant who is attempting to get to London - it's funny but when you consider the story it's somewhat of an un-funny tale, but that didn't detract from it. Produced by Sputnik films with a dog (a fairly important character) called Laika(!), with a female lead called Arletty (as the 30's French film star lots of scenes and constume reminiscent of those eras. Modern mobile phones abut with phones from the 30's - delightful. I enjoyed the moment after the priests (smoking - as does nearly everyone) have their shoes shined and Monet (the detective in pursuit of the immigrant) appears to go into church and a wooden panelled confessional to be addressed by someone off screen, but after a moment you realise he's in the police station talking to his boss! Delightful!
In the afternoon we had some sessions discussing the film which helped to place the insight of others alongside what I'd seen as well as clips from the related historic films.

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