Tuesday, May 08, 2012


A week ago I received a quantity of fermenting sourdough batter called Herman he's been sitting in our ktchen for a week quietly burbling, being fed accornding to the instructions (see link) and yesterday he was vivisected into quarters and today I cooked one of the quarters. The instructions I had said cook for 45 minutes, I mistakenly turned him out without testing at that point and he had to be hastily scraped off the surface and reassembled back in the tin - in the end he was cooked for 1 hour 45 minutes. It was a slightly adapted recipe as I couldn't find the cooking apples I thought I had, convinced myself I'd used them and found them just as I was removing Herman from the oven - a narrow escape.
There's still 3/4 of Herman left to pass on - so far I've found 2 recipients so unless I find another (anyone?), I'll just have to take care of another one - I gather he makes very nice hot cross buns (or whatever is the post-Easter equivalent!)

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