Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tigers and Tables

Yesterday afternoon found me in Manchester, initially for a concert at the RNCM as part of their Judith Weir festival 'Tigers Under the Table' three works:
  • Judith Weir Piano Trio Two
  • Tom Harrold New work (world première)
  • Judith Weir Airs from Another Planet
I should have made notes but, for me, the Piano Trio Two was the most appealing - a meditative work for the traditional ensemble; the new work was a wind quintet (flute/oboe/horn/clarinet/basoon with doublings for piccolo and saxophone) and the final work used a variation on that wind ensemble. It was enjoyable lunchtime.
In the evening a complete change of culture for the Manchester blog meet at Common on Edge St, a very crowded and noisy affair - but good to meet lots of folk I saw at the last meeting, now new twitter feeds to follow and lots of un-tigered tables to have free drinks and cup-cakes around. Picture here - drinks kindly provided by I love to Love - there I must have been bribed sufficiently.

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