Sunday, December 05, 2010

Two Musketeeers

My mood was considerably lightened this week (I'm still stuck in a non-payment situation with a contract I worked on from June-October this year and which is, nominally, still on-going, so far I've received no money at all. Also, my mother died 10 days ago and I'm in the gap between the death and the funeral) when I read this bit from Giles Fraser's tribute to Colin Slee in the Church Times:
My favourite Colin Slee story involves his campaign against the swingers’ sex club that opened just a few yards from Southwark Cathed­ral. In his office, Colin had rows of box files marked “Club Wicked”. He was gathering the evidence that he needed to close the place down — which is what he eventually did.
In the course of this campaign, he hired a couple of private investiga­tors to go into the club one night and record what they saw. That par­ticular evening had a costume theme. To those who frequented Club Wicked, that meant leather and rubber bondage gear. But the private investigators thought it meant fancy dress. They turned up as two of the three Musketeers. I would often tease him about this.
Jeffrey John's sermon at Colin Slee's Requiem Eucharist is here and is worth the read!

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