Tuesday, November 02, 2010

..and I thought I used long words..

We as Christian voters should not focus on his doctrinal flaws, egregious as they may be, but instead on how he would move our Nation forward in God's plan. If he is elected, there will be ample opportunities to heal the spiritual wounds of Mitt Romney and other Mormons. As with the Prodigal Son, we should put aside our objurgations so as to welcome back into the arms of our Nation him and his kind, who have long been lost in the riotous distant land that is the Utah of the soul.

From Pastor's Corner at Objective Ministries. Other posting tongue (and mind twisters) include - as titles:
  • Poe's Law and the Search for Kerygmatic Efficacy
  • From Deluge to Dort: How Infralapsarianism Doomed the Dinosaur
  • Paedobaptism Is "Wack:" Towards A New Urban Waldensianism For The Young Generation
I suspect a spoof.

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