Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three months on

As it is now three months since the initial announcement of redundancies which led to my finding myself without work, maybe it is appropriate to outline where I am now, both as an item of news, and maybe publicity, for those who follow here and as a means of reflection.
The job came to an end at the end of December though I'd been on gardening leave since before Christmas. Since then I've done a small amount of contract work for another ex-employer. I'm now reviewing options and looking for the next career steps.
I'm looking for something which will utilise my talents acquired over more than 40 years mainly in the IT industry.
The experience has been mainly focussed in c++ and python with lots of numerical analysis involved with a user interface using Qt, developing on both Linux and Windows in parallel but with experience in managing the company networking infrastructure - email/samba/webservers hoping to find an employer which treats such support as rather more critical - the MD of my ex-company claimed that such things as networking and email weren't business critical(!).
My CV is on the web. Contact/ advice/job offers all welcomed!


Suem said...

Hope all goes well.

Geoff Coupe said...

Best of luck, Robert. Hope something turns up quickly that works for you and yours.

rajm said...

Thank you - not an easy age to have this happen