Saturday, October 11, 2008

That moment of mystery

Another quote from Michael Hampson's Last Rites which rang true with me:
The charismatic movement in those early days had the silence and space to experience those truths which are too profound and too beautiful for words. It had wonder, reverence, anticipation, and a sense of an awesome God on the move into places yet unknown. It welcomed and celebrated some mystery. ... In the days of its folk-movement authenticity the charismatic movement had space for God to be the God of 'Love Unknown'. .. And while the language was individual.. the experience was of belonging: belonging to a movement that was sharing a new experience of was a truly catholic spirituality lost and adrift. It was netted by protestant evangelicalism before it could find its way back home.
and alas for some evangelical Gradgrinds it is now just facts, [Bible] facts which are the only basis of worship.
Do also read Hampson on his agenda for the purging of the structure of the Church of England and his chapter on the nature of the financial crisis tells it how it is (especially now!).

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