Saturday, July 12, 2008

It was 30 years ago this week

.. that I joined the Scargill community. Having been on holiday in the Lakes this week we nipped over to Kettlewell. Traumatic, as Scargill is closing this month. Mixed emotions of joy at the imagination of the direction over the last few years and regrets over the loss of the old. Pictures from this visit are on flickr in a new collection, trying to separate out the photos taken on community with those taken since.

[Sue - if you're reading this - note that not all the Sue's are you! I've resisted adding surnames in view of the lack of privacy on the internet! My guess is that you wondered about the picture in the snow - but the Sue there is on skis.]
I hope to scan more of the 1980 era Scargill slides soon when we recover from the break.

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