Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A familiar corner

After noticing an update of a facebook friend, I see that Tom Körner has his own facebook fan club - which I can't join as I don't have the right email address...he was my director of studies 30+ years ago at Cambridge - don't think I was very good though I've been making up for it by doing lots of numerical analysis type applications over the past 15 years. I read his 'The Pleasures of Counting' (quite) a few years ago and I must see about giving it a re-read (so it is recommended, by me anyway!). His web page - on the other hand - I don't think it has changed since I first saw it back in the late 1990's!
There appears to be a more recent book`Why Was The Computer Invented When It Was?' - well more recent than the web-page..2002

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