Sunday, August 05, 2007


Last week we had a TV in the gite - well we had one in both but the reception was considerably better for week 2! - and on the news on France2 on Monday they covered the deaths of Michel Serrault and Bergman. These were items 1 and 2, in each case they had a biographical sketch, film clips and then an interview with (the same) film critic live in the studio. By the time they'd done this we were 20 minutes in to a 40 minute bulletin - I just couldn't imagine the BBC doing a fraction of this in the main bulletin with anyone involved in the arts! The next night one channel showed La Cage aux Folles I & 2 (and another of Serrault's films on another channel) and there's been at least one of his films every night since. Bergman also collected a couple of schedule changes to include his films.
I didn't know that Serrault had spent time studying in a seminary makes the relentless camping up in La Cage Aux Folles a little uncomfortable but maybe it was so far over the top one could put the doubts about agendas to one side.
Serrault's funeral service was in the wooden church in Honfleur I photographed last year and which we'd seen a few days before.

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