Monday, April 17, 2006

Those spammers...

My name is Dmitry Sergeev and I am the manager of a Human Recourses departament of U.F.I.S. PE (Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales).

The purpose of this message is to draw Your attention to a vacant position of a financial manager.

But first of all - a few words about our company:

We are a Ukrainian company producing specialised hand made Ukrainian folk instruments, such as Trembita, Bandura, Tsymbaly. We have been producing exclusive instruments for collectors from all around the world, for over 15 years now. Some of our clients prefer to receive an instrument with gold strings or inlaid with diamonds and rubies and we take the highest pride in our workmanship. Now we are a company with 15 years experience. Duping this time more than 15000 people have purchased high-end items from us.

Getting more inventive, but I love that 'duping this time'!

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