Monday, January 10, 2005

Gathering pace?

Well a new week, sermon yesterday went pretty well, borrowed a few things during it, part of a Trevor Dennis meditation on the Baptism of Jesus from Imagining God, see Christis for an adapted version of one of his stories. Googling reveals that St Marks's Broomhill has a condensed version of the tale I used. I also quoted
Those of us who have had the privilege of loving know that we do not look into the eyes of our beloved, of our children, of our friendsand say `What are you for? To what moral edification or theological revelation can you be put?' We say `I love you' and if the angels cheer so much more fun for the angels. Now as it happens if we love we will gain moral edification and theological revelation and the angels will cheer, but I know that as sure as hell that is not what loving is for. I do not want God whose love is less generous than my own pale imitations of it.
from Sara Maitland's Big Enough God. Maybe - being where I am the wods of others help to crystallise things for me - and hopefully for my hearers!

Today various things - as far as work - might be coming together! A revision of my Java knowledge is looking necessary, as well as revising the links, for Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Java appears to have moved and I'm using an oldish print of that document.

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